What is electrostatic spray painting?

Electrostatic spray painting

In basic terms, Electrostatic Spray Painting involves the paint and the metal object becoming oppositely charged.


When expelled from the spray gun, the paint is attracted towards the metal by a powerful electrostatic force, resulting in a "wrap" effect around the metal object.


Electrostatic painting is often used to provide a factory finish on intricate metal work, balustrades, railings and fences with palings. It is a faster, more cost effective method rather than sending these items away offsite for powder coating.


The electrostatic gun is a very complex piece of equipment and requires high-maintenance to ensure optimum performance.


Advantages of electrostatic spray painting

  • Paint is only drawn to the oppositely charged metal resulting in less over spray
  • Shortens preparation time – only requires minimal masking of surrounding objects
  • Wastage – less masking and wasted product (over spray)
  • Minimal disruption to your business – minimises smell and dust in nearby areas (parked cars etc.)
  • Environmentally friendly – it is the cleanest method of spray painting as less chemicals are released into the surrounding environment 

Please note that electrostatic applied paint will not adhere 'better' nor provide any additional benefits other than those outlined above.


We will evaluate your protective coating needs and recommend the correct application method.